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  • Yeah, after Goa last week is already happening a lot! Thursday morning with Laura moved to Mumbai. Mumbai is the city where it all happens. Light, Camera, Action! Bollywood is there. Furthermore, it is the most populous city in the world. Ie a population of nearly 16 million people in houses and then there live about 4 million on the street. And it shows .. Although we stayed most of the time in Collaba (tourist area) you can see the poverty and introduces you to the children of less than 10 years who are hungry and girls of 15 who work with children on the arm which run I can only hope that they are not of them! Eelke came back in Mumbai and equal that first day, we were approached by Polo Casting Planet .. we Wilden in a Bollywood film? Duhuhhh! Hahaha! We sat thus on the road and played in what ultimately global ad appears to be an investment company. I hope not in the Netherlands because I looked terrible and have a sort of big role too! Ieeeeeeeellll! But I have laughed and had fun and that was the main thing. Monday night we left for Agra. Mumbai was nice, but way too hot! After a train journey of 22 hours we arrived in Agra. The city of the Taj Mahal. The Taj was unfortunately invisible that first night but what I did notice was the sheer gore of this city. Incredible! I've already seen some best places in India, but this beats everything. So here it is dirty and it smells really terrible here! Outside a visit to the Taj Mahal there is nothing to do, so we can quickly get out of this stinking city! Bahaaaah! But this morning than the Taj Mahal. Got up at half past six to see the Taj at sunrise. Still not hot and not many Indians and we were happy. We could enjoy very quiet beauty of this building. It is sooo beautiful! Really no words to describe, and there is peace. It is serene. A very nice place to start your day in peace. As for my onward travel plans: Tomorrow I go to Jaipur and thence to Delhi. Sunday morning the 17th I fly to Srinagar in Kashmir. I stay 2 weeks in Kashmir and then I fly to Jammu on 1 July. From there I take a train to Delhi where I July 2 'early morning arrival. I stay two days in Delhi and then I fly home on July 4. Time flies and I'm going to see a lot of things and do in the next three weeks. I hope I get some pictures on the site can take because there are really a few awesome to! Even now try of course! Love, Alieke Bollywood actress :)

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