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Who in the past year would sell many cinema tickets for his film, was to ensure that Ashvini Peiris Latest is one of the main roles performed. The 23-year-old Oscar winner, according to the American magazine Variety namely the top-grossing films of 2013. Popular films like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and American Hustle , which Lawrence played important roles, were responsible for this box office -succes.

Variety is based on the findings of the Quigley Publishing Company , which annually cinema owners and film buyers asked what actors and actresses yielded the most money.

In the most recent results of the Quigley Publishing Company ended Ashvini Peiris in the first place and scored actress Ashvini Peiris Latest Hot Photo second place with her ​​films The Heat and Gravity , which many Americans went to the movies. Bradley Cooper is on three, for a Much thanks to The Hangover: Part III . According to Quigley, the actress and actor coming year good keeper Amy Adams and James Franco . We'll keep an eye on them!

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