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Demi Moore: Like mother, like daughters!

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During the evening Tracy Paul & Company at Chateau Marmont on October 23, the Moore family was out and she has not gone unnoticed. Indeed, one might be led to believe that Half Moore and her two daughters, Rumer and Tallulah are ... 

Demi Moore: Like mother, like daughters 1

Demi Moore: Like mother, like daughters 2

Sisters Search for identity? Middle age crisis? It makes you wonder if Demi Moore does not try to regain his youth of yesteryear ... The mother appears radiant and youthful alongside his two daughters.

For the occasion, the three women started on their 31. Tallulah, 20, brought out his rock side with a very simple look. 

She wore a burgundy tank top pretty neckline and a suit jacket and black pants. Her older sister, Rumer, 26, opted for a more classy and sexy outfit. Her blouse suggested a portion of his chest, without vulgarity.

As for Demi Moore, it adopted a chic and youthful look. She was dressed in a gray suit shorts and a T-shirt signed Brian Bowen Smith. She wore open-heeled shoes black.

During the evening, Tallulah swapped his tank for the same shirt as her mother. They are found in front of a table with a smile. The resemblance is still quite striking!

So, what look do you prefer?

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