Australia remained silent on Sri Lanka's right abuses to stop smuggling of asylum seekers PM

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Sri Lanka to promote new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe by telephone said thatthe Australian Government silent on Sri Lanka human rights violations the purchase price for secure collaboration by the previous Government of Rajapaksa supposedly stop the boats seeking asylum.

In an exclusive interview with the Australian, according to the Sri-Lanka-PM, his Australian counterpart Tony Abbot close relationship with Rajapaksa "a secret"Australia's new immigration Minister, and that Lanker, Peter Dutton, under the previous Government would be unlikely to get the warm welcome received.

Australia the smuggling worked with the previous Government of Sri Lanka, the operations, that of asylum seekers in the Member States, especially Tamils from the North and East, along its shores stop.

Australian Government provided by approximately $2 million to support the equipment for the Navy of Sri Lanka and gifted two Bay class patrol boats to the Navy asylum seeker boats prior to departure from Sri Lankan waters to intercept.

Mr. TS has the Australian people who 'connected' indicating that people with the previous Government people smuggling operations involved have been.

"Connections, it was done by people with Rajapaksa but once this deal between Australia and the Government of Rajapaksa, where looked away you (happens on violations of human rights), then Minister of Defence has the Navy to patrol," he told the Australian.

"All of you from this country, without having anyone in the security system, looking further other side, the police or the Navy cannot" Sri Lanka PM, has said.

However, the Prime Minister said that his Government on the island to leave, as it remains a major problem for Australia to take asylum seekers.

"I'm not against the Australian Government, but I think you have to learn from your experiences. Some other countries have also supported full Rajapaksa regime. If human rights were given, and democracy under pressure, these countries were silent. This is a matter for Sri Lanka, said "Mr. TS."

Australia accused to refuse to, a statement of the alleged war crimes in the final months of Sri Lanka's 26 years civil war with Tamil separatists in which more than40,000 civilians were killed and later allegations of human rights violations, because there the Government of Sri Lanka help for the current boats required.

Australian human rights activists criticized Australia's close cooperation with Sri Lanka to prevent illegal immigration by asylum seekers in the Member States, if the Australian Government policy of human rights is riddled with risks and suggested that cooperation should be terminated immediately.

No extended pay location Australia tries despite Sri Lanka's human rights is the human rights situation of persons or entities with which it interacts on border security, veterinarian of human rights activists.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) concern depth last year after Australia, it was announced that 41 asylum seekers returned to them at sea catch to Sri Lanka. Australia rejected the concerns of UNHCR in Australia's policy on their cases of illegal migrants to check without back.

While about 40 countries, mostly Europe and other Western countries a resolution co-sponsored by both sides of Sri Lanka conflict called the Office of the UN High Commissioner for human rights, a comprehensive independent international  investigation which alleged human rights violations committed, said that Australia does not believe that the resolution is the best way for reconciliation.

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